Useful Christian Links

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Amazing Bible

Amazing Bible is a mega Christian website of Bible, Christian and religious info, and studies.

Barnabas Fund

Barnabas Fund supports the persecuted Church worldwide.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a good website for you to look up different versions of the Bible on line

Christian Radio Broadcasters

This is a website that hosts Christian radio stations for free

Christian resource centre

This is a Christian  shop where you can buy Bibles, books, DVDS. CDS and other Christian materials

Discover God

Discover God is a website for people to ask questions, and to find out how to become a Christian

Jesus Gospel Ministries

Jesus Gospel Ministry is a ministry that help the needy in the rural parts of India

Living Waters

This is an Evangelistic ministry

New Life Church

This is an Evangelistic Church

With Jarrod Cooper

Off The Fence Trust

Off The Fence is an outreach ministry to help the homeless.  It also takes the Gospel into schools and has houses where the vulnerable can live

OPEN doors

Open Doors supports persecuted Christians Internationally.

Revelation TV

This is a website for Christian TV


Trinity Broadcasting Network

This is a Christian TV website

Turning Point

with David Jeremiah

This is a Bible teaching ministry

The way of the master

This is an evangelistic ministry

UCB Christian radio and TV

This is a website for Christian radio and TV

Worthy Christian Bookstore

This is a Christian shop where you can buy Bibles, books, CDS and other Christian materials

Worthy Christian Chat Room

This is where you can meet with other Christians and chat

Worthy Christian Forums

This is Christian forums on Worthy ministries

Worthy Christian

News Service

This is where you can get Christian news

Worthy Prayer Requests

This is where you can request prayers with Worthy ministries