Off The Fence Trust.

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The day shift.

At the new drop in centre, opened in 2010, food, drink, clothing, sleeping bags and

There is a warm, dry area for the homeless to relax and have a wash and shave.

In the first half of 2011, 236 sleeping bags were handed out. During the first half of 2011 there have been already 3,489 visitors.

The referrals centre

Clients are encouraged to move away from a life of homelessness and unemployment, by addressing some of the issues and dealing with the drugs and alcohol problems that grip so many lives.

In 2010 26 individuals were housed, and 125 were referred to other agencies to help

Clothing is urgently needed.

During one month 96 people were fully clothed!

There is a very urgent need for warm clothing, especially socks (Desperately needed) hats, gloves, scarves, under wear, shoes, trousers, jeans, shirts, jumpers, coats etc.

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Off The Fence is a Christian charity based in Brighton & Hove, founded by Paul Young, which has 3 main projects.

Project Antifreeze, project Schools & Youth, & project Gateway.

The Antifreeze project provides an outreach and advice service to homeless men and women.

The majority of the work is with people who are street homeless, but support is also given to those without permanent accommodation and to those at risk of eviction.

Project Antifreeze.

3 main areas of work are covered.

The night shift.

There are two teams of three volunteers who take sandwiches and hot drinks to those sleeping on the streets.

A total of 248 individual rough sleepers were helped in the course of a year.